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This is an update to all our clients to keep you all in the loop and to answer questions such: what happened to the See Inside thumbnail on search result page, where is the word See Inside, how come you can now see every panorama of the tour instead of just one thumbnail, etc. Below are some of the information to keep updated. 

Effective April 2017, Google has a few changes on how the tours are processed and are seen on Google.

  • Each panorama will have a thumbnail on your Google page.
  • All panoramas can be seen on a new tab called "360 View" under your business's Google page.
  • The See Inside and See Outside Views will be selected by Google's algorithm.
  • There will not be a See Inside thumbnail on the search page, only on the Map page with a half circle on the bottom left-hand corner of the thumbnail to signify that the image is a 360 tour.
  • We can now enhance the panoramas before processing and publishing on Google.
  • We have the power to fine tune the images before turning them into the panorama. 
  • Though we select the opening view for each panorama, Google's algorithm selects the opening view on Google.
  • All the connected arrows might take a few days for them all to show and connects the virtual walk-through of the tour on Google Map.
  • Each panorama has its own link and embedding codes from Google Map.
  • Can have separate panorama for each room/area and not have to connect them for the virtual walk-through of the tour.

Additional to the above, the changes also affected our processing significantly since my start with this program from 2012, which is all good.  Here I share with you all the additional processing procedures that we have to do that greatly helps the images and our clients.

  • We have to manually process each panorama and put the images together individually, work on the color and tone if needed, all done one by one.
  • We then proceed to put each panorama together for a tour. We have to blur out the face and license plates as usual.
  • We select the default view of each panorama.
  • We connect each panorama manually.
  • We attached the business Google page to each panorama manually.
  • We connect the business from Google map to each panorama.
  • We then put each panorama on Google map.
  • We attached the panoramas to the business page on Google Map.
  • We then turn all the panoramas into one virtual tour.
  • We then connect each panorama to the business Google page on Google Map.
  • Afte all of the above and more, we publish the tour on Google with all the panoramas.

Most importantly, we can now have a view count for each panorama. I will get the report regularly from Google and shows the view counts. Not sure if the customers get to see the view counts as we do. But I can provide that report as a service in addition to the tour.

We have a lot more works than ever before. that extended the processing time to more than before.  We want the tours to look perfectly beautiful.  The above are all included in our package for our clients.  Anything additional to the above, it will be fee-based case by case bases billed at a flat rate or hourly rate, whichever is more beneficial and justify to both our clients and us.

Stay tuned for more updates from our Aimee's 360 Newsletter with tips and video guiding our clients the different things that can be done with these panoramas and the tours on Google and more.