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A Google Street View | Trusted Photographer * Trained & Certified by Google Since Early 2012

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Aimee, Google Trusted Photographer


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How to virtually walk through the tour of a business on Google Maps:

1. To move around and see the inside: On the image above, left click and hold your mouse.  While holding on to the click, move your mouse around and see the image move around with you in 360 panoramic view of the business inside. 

2. To virtually walk through the inside of the business: Click the arrow in the direction that you want and you will be directed to the next position of the tour. 

Once you're there on the next position, left click the mouse and hold in #1 above.

3. You can also use the arrow key on your keyboard to move left or right, up or down, to virtually walk through the above business inside.

How to have a virtual tour on Google:

If you're interested in having a virtual tour of your business inside on Google, showing on your Google+ Local business page, showing on Google Maps on the computer, Android and iPhones, tablet and mobile devices, contact Aimee for more information.

Thanks and looking forward to answer any questions you may have on having a Google Virtual Tour for your business.