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These 360 virtual tours listed below are special Art Project done by Google from around the world.  They ranged from meseums to the inside of the White House.  These virtual tours show us places that would take us physically a long time to visit.  

Here, today, with the Google streetview technology, we can now visit places inside, like never before, from all around the world, from where we are, and, at the confort of our own home.  

In addition, after we now know how these places look like inside, perhaps, if we like, we can then book a flight and go visit these these places in person. 

We found these art projects so beautiful and thought of sharing them here with you as well.  Enjoy!

Google Art Project, click here | FAQ

Google 360 virtual tour photoshoot trolly



Click here to see the 360 panoramic view of the White House.

You can virtually walk through the inside.  You can even point at a little box next to each artifacts or painting to learn more about it.